Miscellaneous Carry In Services

Does not include parts or sales tax
  • Laptop screen service only (no software work) $99 Replace / Repair laptop DC jack $189 Laptop keyboard service only $59 Setup, migrate and import data to new system $189 Bulk transfer important files only (no software install) $99 Replace failed power supply unit $99 Install wireless or wired network card, modem or 2nd hard drive  $29 Install Windows only (no diagnostics or troubleshooting or backup) $99 Burn Media (per cd or DVD) $9 Password reset only $29 Install ram, printers / scanners / camera’s/ optical drives $29 per upgrade Emergency Express Service (when available) $99 For multiple issues and file protection we highly recommend our carry in Fix My Computer Package with it’s capped labor rate … click for more info
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yes we can

Chipheads offers stand alone repair and upgrade services…  these services DO NOT include diagnostic services, data or file backups unless listed, and parts are sold separately  

Other Service Options Include:

Chipheads Award Winning onsite service  …click for more info
Chipheads Fix My Computer Package (all labor bundled under one price)   … click for more info

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