If you visit our blog often, you know we frequently talk about viruses/malware, the impact it can have on a computer and how you should avoid it. Today, we’re discussing businesses and how they can be impacted by malware/viruses. If you believe your computer has been infected, feel free to reach out. At Chipheads Computer Repair in Twin Cities, Minnesota we are proud to offer carry-in, mail-on, onsite or even remote virus removal when possible. Regardless of your problem, we would be more than happy to help. For your free quote, feel free to reach out. We can also get your appointment on the schedule.

Lost Data

When it comes to an infected computer, lost data is one of the biggest things that can occur. This data could be important meeting files, trade secrets or even your customers personal information. Depending upon the data taken or damaged by viruses/malware, it can have various impacts on your business and customers.

Lost Time

Once your system has been impacted by malware/viruses, the amount of time it can take to get everything back in order can be quite extensive. Turning on computers on the network could result in other systems being infected, typically once the whole network has been infected it requires each system to be cleaned one-by-one, resulting in quite a bit of time being spent on the issue.

Damaged Equipment

Certain viruses and malware can also impact the functionality of your devices, including damaging the hardware. Depending upon the type of equipment your business uses, the cost to replace this equipment could be quite an impact.


It is your responsibility as a business to keep your customers’ data safe. We’ve seen plenty of major companies impacted by these breaches, including Target, Walmart and even Equifax. While these companies might have managed to make it through a lawsuit, how prepared would your business be?

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