Bursnville, Minnesota Onsite/Remote Computer Repair

Experiencing wireless, internet or even networking problems? Need one-on-one training for your new computer or device? Have a computer repair job but can’t move your computer or workstation? Need your computer repaired but can’t make it into our computer repair shop near Burnsville, Minnesota? Not to worry! At Chipheads Computer Repair we understand the importance of having a functional computer and are proud to offer both onsite and remote computer repair in Burnsville and the surrounding Twin Cities areas. Interested in your Burnsville computer repair quote? Simply reach out to Chipheads Computer Repair, we would be happy to provide a free computer repair quote and get you added to our schedule for an appointment.

Burnsville Remote Computer Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your desktop or laptop computer but can’t make it into our computer repair shop near Burnsville? No to worry, with remote computer repair, our experts can work on your device and take care of your issues from anywhere. Whether you are at home or in the office, we can connect with your device and work on certain issues.

There are certain computer, networking, printer, internet and other issues that may not be able to be fixed remotely and may require an in-person technician. During your consultation we will let you know what computer repair option is best for your exact situation.

Burnsville Onsite Computer Repair

Not only do we offer remote computer repair services, we are also proud to provide onsite computer repair in Burnsville, Minnesota. We can come directly to your location to work on your device and get it back in working order. Onsite computer repair is a wonderful option for computer issues such as:

  • Wireless, Internet, Networking Problems
  • Printing & Wireless Device Problems
  • Urgent Computer Diagnostics
  • One-On-One Training
  • Jobs Where Computer Cannot Be Moved
  • Jobs With Specific Time Requirements

Our onsite computer services in Burnsville have a one-hour minimum, additional time will be billed every 15 minutes. Experiencing computer problems? Can’t make it to our shop? Schedule onsite computer repair near you today.

Schedule Remote/Onsite Computer Repair in Burnsville, MN

Think you may need a computer repair shop near Burnsville that offers remote or onsite computer repair services? Give Chipheads Computer Repair a call today, we would be more than happy to help.

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