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Our Data Recovery Techniques

Sector By Sector Copy: Our software scans each sector thousands of times and that can target specific parts of the platter.

Firmware Bypass – Our techniques go beyond standard Windows recovery software capabilities.


Chipheads is awesome! Considering myself pretty tech savvy I was reluctant to take my corrupt Compact Flash to a professional. After personally running my card through three different recovery softwares I had nothing. I decided to give CH a try with the insurance that if they weren’t about to recover the data I needed I wouldn’t pay. A week later I have all 5GB of lost photo data and happy customers. Very friendly knowledgeable service. God-forbid another data failure but just in case – I’m going with Chipheads.
- Jacob w. via Yelp

Twin Cities Data Backup/File Recovery

Has your USB drive or SD card recently corrupted? Worried you’ve lost your data forever? Accidentally delete an important file or folder, think it may be lost forever? Experiencing problems with your hard drive and need your files off of it? When it comes to laptops, desktops, iPhones, USB sticks or even SD cards data loss can be quite common. We recommend always backing up your data to keep it safe. Are you interested in protecting your data or recovering your lost files? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today to schedule data backup/file recovery in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Data Backup Twin Cities

Looking for data backup or file recovery near you? When it comes to keeping your important files and data safe, we highly recommend data backup. USB sticks, SD cards, external hard drives and even Cloud services are available that allow you to save your data in numerous places. In the event your hard drive breaks, computer is stolen or something else catastrophic occurs, your data will be safe in another location. For Twin Cities data backup, schedule your appointment today, we would be happy to help.

File Recovery Twin Cities

In the event that your files or data are lost, there is a chance that Chipheads Computer Repair can help! We offer Twin Cities file recovery and can attempt to recover your data from your computer or storage device. Simply contact us and let us know the problem you’re experiencing, we can provide a quote and get you added to the schedule for an appointment for file backup/data recovery nearby.

Schedule Data Recovery & File Backup in the Twin Cities Today

Ready to schedule your file recovery or data backup in the Twin Cities, Minnesota? Contact Chipheads Computer Repair today, let us know what problems you are experiencing, we can provide a quote and get you added to our schedule for an appointment.

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