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Meet your personal Chipheads – Always courteous, friendly and ready to help

Jarret Harrington – General Manager / Head Tech

I’ve been with Chipheads over 10 years now and have personally worked on over 10,000 computers. I am a problem solver by nature and Chipheads has been the perfect fit. I love the “detective work” involved in getting to the bottom of a problem and the excitement of finding the solution. I am currently working on a lifetime project of “knowing everything” while still keeping my ego in check – the former is surprisingly easier than the latter. If you need anything fixed, and I mean “ANYTHING” I am your guy. I once fixed a car that would not start with a gum wrapper, a paper clip, and a pine cone….. wait maybe that was an episode of MacGyver from my youth. What I love most about my job is the look on someone’s face after you have recovered their family photos that some other “Geek” said could not be done. Chipheads is a great place to work and that filters through to our customers.

George Beirn

George Beirn – St. Paul Manager / Senior Network Tech

I’ve worked on laptops from all major manufactures, replacing hard drives, optical drives, RAM upgrades, LCD screens, LCD inverters, touch pads, fixing broken keys, etc. Google is your friend when it comes to needing disassembly guides for some of the more obscure ones and 9 times out of 10 there aren’t any screws left over too! ;-)
I have 4 PCs setup through Verizon DSL and a Netgear switch. My personal PC runs Windows XP x64 edition. Another PC runs XP Home, a laptop which runs XP Pro is also attached. There is also a linux server which hosts my website including: blog and photo gallery, my file server and whatever else I feel like experimenting with. All PCs have secure remote access with VNC tunneled through SSH on a not well known port.


Sam Murschel – Onsite Service / Network Tech

I am a talented desktop support professional experienced in OS and application installation and support, hardware troubleshooting and repair, and user training; I possess excellent research and problem solving skills.

How do I work best? First, I listen. Then I listen. I have a very strong personal work ethic and truly enjoy fixing computers as well as helping customers solve their unique problems. I take pride in my work and satisfaction in accomplishing it. I have always found that work is more enjoyable and less boring the busier I am. When things get slow, there is always research to do, and little projects to work on.

Max Cowgill – Senior Service Tech / Gadget Tech

What is your background working with customers face to face? Every job I have ever had I have dealt with customers in-person. As a technician, as a salesman, as a manager.
How do you handle stress? I read a lot and discuss with others. When in “the heat of the moment” I try to take a step back in my mind and examine a situation from all angles, to come up with the best solution.
How do you keep up on the computer repair and support issues? Working on systems, talking to other technicians, reading support issues online


Andrew Martschinske - Service Tech

I have helped run departments for best buy. Managed Lan tournaments for DDR, CS, DOTA, WOW PVP, COD, Star Craft, Halo, and Hello kitty Roller Rescue (etc.). At the age of 14 I was lead swim instructor for level 3 and level 6. I had to come up with and manage a project in order to obtain Eagle Scout. Came up with 60 (50 showed up) volunteers and cleaned 14 parks with in one day. I am easy to talk to, never talk over one’s head, and enjoy educating clients so they know what they need to do on their part.  I also keep to my word that I will help someone even if that means asking help myself.


Jason Marsh – Senior Service Tech / Data recovery

I have had loads of experience helping people solve their computer related problems. I spent 2 years as a customer service rep at CompUSA, 1 year as Service Writer at CompUSA, and worked as a Technician at CompUSA for 2 years or so. But even after all that I was impressed with the level of expertise I found here at Chipheads.

Is this job stressful? I really don’t get stressed out. I keep customers informed as much as possible, repair computers fast and efficiently, and stick the main rule we have around here: No Surprises. Customers appreciate that.

Griffin Larson – Onsite Service Tech / Gadget Tech

I’ve been interested in computers for about 4 years now, and about 2-2.5 years ago I decided I’d try my hand at system building. Since then I’ve built 4 computers I think and have scrapped together numerous other ones from older parts. My most recent build (for myself) is a mid-high range gaming desktop; specs are below. I have had quite a bit of experience with troubleshooting computer problems both hardware and software related by helping out friends and teachers at school, and fixing various issues I’ve had at home.

As for what I would like to accomplish, I would really like to broaden my knowledge and channel what I know into a productive environment.

Scott Erickson – Network Service Tech

I have 8 years of on the job experience working with windows and Microsoft products. I specialize in diagnosing and solving network and computer issues. I also have experience working with Apple products.

I work with a variety of different kinds of business networks. These are some of the networks that I
manage on a daily bases is Law Firms, CPA offices, Construction Companies, Ministorage facilities,
Hotels, Motels, Dentists Offices, Financial Consulting firms, 3rd Party School Program Companies, and
Plastic Surgeons offices.


Michael Mathison – Service Tech

I have been working on computers as long as I can remember, fixing problems for family and friends. I treat every customers problem the same as I would for either family or friends… I look forward to working with you!

Tyler Crocker –  Service Tech / Mac specialist

Detail-oriented support professional with four years of experience as an Apple Support
Specialist, working with one of the nations most renowned Apple Service Providers. Skilled at
operating in a wide range of platforms, specializing in Mac OS X & iOS. Excellent
communication skills; capable of diagnosing & explaining complex technical issues in easyto-understand terms. While at the same time, providing the best possible solution for the
situation at hand.

Harrison Sharma –  Service Tech / Gadget Tech

I’m a bit of an enthusiast when it comes to computers so I spend a great deal of time reading about new technologies and what’s on the market, what are the deals, etc. I frequently post on forums to help people with their computer builds. Because it’s a topic that I actually love it’s not hard to keep up with the issues. When it comes to computers I’ve learned that people get pretty mad at them. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DAMN COMPUTER?! Etc etc. I’ve learned that through lack of understanding comes anger. The best thing to do is explain as best you can. Make them believe you can solve their problem and if they want to know what you did simplify it as best you can.

Chuck Whitney – Owner / Operator

Chuck Whitney, owner operator of Chipheads Computer Repair shop began a computer career after earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology. After a couple of database programming jobs, he went on to sell computers for two years for Northgate Computers. In the fall of 1991 he started an exclusively on-site computer repair service called PC Paramedics. In the fall of 1996 he rented space for a carry in repair shop to compliment the onsite service and re christened the new operation Chipheads Computer Repair.

Are you a Chiphead?

Are YOU a Chiphead?

Chipheads Computer Repair Shop is the premier independent retail repair service in the Twin Cities. We are always looking for experienced techs or tech managers to work in our St. Paul and Minneapolis locations.

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